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Al Wahda Newspaper

About the Company

AL Wahda Newspaper was published on the 5th of August 1973 to assume its rule in cultural and political media. The newspaper continued its mission since its incorporation by H.E. Rashid Bin Aweidha Al Aweidha Al Qubaisi, as it represents a daily political and independent newspaper in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and it is deemed the first daily political and independent newspaper ever.

Contents of the newspaper

AL Wahda Newspaper has commenced publication by 12 pages, however it's currently reached twenty pages discussing the following topics: politics local news, economy, sports, religion, advertisements, culture, miscellaneous etc., furthermore, AL Wahda Newspaper owns its own print press in order to print the newspaper internally.

AL Wahda Newspaper contains a variety of advertisements with different ratios in proportion with the content of the issue. Furthermore, AL Wahda Newspaper contains eight colored pages as the remaining pages are in black and white. AL Wahda Newspaper transacts with different news agencies around the world providing the newspaper with the latest international news, e.g. French Press Agency (AFP) Emirates News Agency (WAM), International News Agency (Reuters).


  • Politics Division
  • Sports Division
  • Economy and Local News Division
  • Review and Linguistic Editing Division: the division assumes the review of the news material and editing as well
  • Setting Division: setting division is in-charge of setting the news material and prepare it for implementation
  • Implementation Division: the division is in-charge of the implementation of the material after setting in order to be ready for the proof sheet
  • Advertisements and Subscriptions Division

Contact Us

Tel : +971 2 4488400
Fax : +971 2 4488201
P.O.Box : 6,Abu Dhabi - UAE
EMAIL : Will be updated soon.
Website : alwahdanews.ae