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Abu Dhabi Computer Center (ADCC)

Abu Dhabi Computer Centre (ADCC) is the nerve center for computerization needs and IT services company established since 1985. It is part of Bin Aweidha Group of Companies based in Abu Dhabi which itself was established in late 1970s and is a well-known business group in UAE.

Primary objective of ADCC is to provide IT related services to Bin Aweidha Group of companies. With the vision and leadership of General Manager Mr. Mohammed Al Hameli, ADCC has started the process of improving its operations to make use of latest technologies in all the spheres of its activities. ADCC has built data center with the latest cutting-edge technology to provide wide-ranging IT solutions that will help in realizing the objectives of improvements and modernization.


Tel: 02-4998888
Fax: 02-4998807
P.O.Box: 4475, Abu Dhabi, UAE